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Services & Supports for Hoarding 


Local & Regional Resources & Supports

We've compiled a list of local and regional resources and supports for those affected by hoarding. Please contact us if you know of additional resources.

Image by Asal Lotfi


Go here for a bibliography of recommended books from authors we consider to be experts in the field. 

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Fact Files

For some quick tips on how to be a good helper, download a Fact File.  These are excerpts from Buried in Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving and Hoarding, 2nd Edition.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Diagnostic Tool

The University of British Columbia's Center for Collaborative Research on Hoarding has created the Home Environment Assessment Tool for Hoarding (HEATH ©) to assess the most important health and safety risks in hoarded homes. Click the button to download and learn more about this tool.

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