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When funding is available.

Meet Our Facilitators

Stacy Walker is a Certified Professional Organizer who has been organizing professionally since 2004. She specializes in the hoarding field and works primarily with people who struggle with extreme clutter and hoarding behaviours. She is dedicated to positively influencing community responses to hoarding cases by providing comprehensive educational programming and on-site support services. Stacy is a contributing member to both the Professional Organizers in Canada and the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition.

Terri Bailey, M.A. Counselling has a private therapy practice with a specialty in the hoarding field. She educates professionals, co-facilitates hoarding groups, provides one on one counselling, and also works with family members who are concerned about a loved one who is hoarding. She is a member of the Edmonton Hoarding Coalition and is dedicated to facilitating a collaborative and compassionate community response.

Steven is our peer facilitator. Steven has worked hard to learn about and address his challenges with acquiring and saving.  Steven says that facilitating helps to keep him on track with his own maintenance.  

Steven brings the all important perspective of lived experience to our group meetings and again to the role of facilitator of the private/closed facebook page.  Volunteering is very important to him and he is always first in line to signup for the Safety Support Events Volunteer Team. Here too, he brings that all important lived experience and is a great support to those folks who are facing a crisis in their own lives.


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