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We value our volunteers.  The collective sum of their individual differences, lived experiences, knowledge, creativity, unique capabilities and talent bring our aspirations to life.  

Our Volunteer Board of Directors  

Marjorie Keay, Chair

Mikaela Charron, Secretary

Rabeel Qureshi, Treasurer

Sadie Nielsen, Director

Candice Fischer, Director

Yelena Brodsky, Director

Daina Benson, Director

Interested in volunteering with HDFA?

We are a small group of dedicated individuals and welcome you to apply to join our team.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity. We are currently looking for someone to be our Fundraising Events Coordinator.  

Do organizing events get you excited? Do you love the challenge of coordinating all the moving pieces of a fundraising event?  Are you creative and full of energy?  We are an organization with a lot of compassion and big plans but need funds to keep our core services going. We need you to work with us to plan and execute one major fundraising event per year and a few smaller fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  We’ve got volunteers to help but need someone to spearhead our fundraisers. Please have a look at the job description and reach out to us to learn more.  We would love to hear from you.

Fundraising Events Coordinator

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