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We value our volunteers.  The collective sum of their individual differences, lived experiences, knowledge, creativity, unique capabilities and talent bring our aspirations to life.  

Our Volunteer Board of Directors  

Marjorie Keay, Chair

Sadie Nielsen, Treasurer

Candice Fischer, Director

Yelena Brodsky, Director

Daina Benson, Director

Interested in volunteering with HDFA?

We are a small group of dedicated individuals and welcome you to apply to join our team.  Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity. We are currently looking for people to fill these specific volunteer positions.

Do you have an eye for detail and enjoy making sure all the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed? Maybe you have a background as a legal secretary or are just starting your career. Are you proficient in the Microsoft suite of products? If you are interested in making a huge difference to a charitable organization with a lot of heart, with a minimal investment of your time, please consider joining HDFA as the Board Secretary. Follow the link to get a full job description.

Board Secretary 

If you have an accounting designation and are interested in giving back to your community, but maybe don’t have a great deal of free time, we would love to hear from you.  In the position of Board Treasurer, you would be responsible for overseeing HDFA’s finances and preparing the annual year end statements.  At this point in HDFA’s development, the time commitment for this position is not great and we currently have a person who can do the day to day “bookkeeping” if this part is not of interest to you.  Please have a look at the job description if you would like to share some of your valuable skills with us.  We need you!   

Board Treasurer

Are you a creative individual with an aptitude, experience, and passion for various social media platforms? Are you interested in the challenge of working for a grass-roots organization? We would love to hear from you. We are a fledgling organization and our small, committed board and volunteers have a lot of skills, but the nuances of social media aren’t one of them!  In this role you would help HDF to develop a social media presence to raise awareness of our foundation and hoarding behaviours in general. Have a look at the detailed job description and please reach out to us to learn more about this exciting volunteer position.

Social Media Officer

Do organizing events get you excited? Do you love the challenge of coordinating all the moving pieces of a fundraising event?  Are you creative and full of energy?  We are an organization with a lot of compassion and big plans but need funds to keep our core services going. We need you to work with us to plan and execute one major fundraising event per year and a few smaller fundraising campaigns throughout the year.  We’ve got volunteers to help but need someone to spearhead our fundraisers. Please have a look at the job description and reach out to us to learn more.  We would love to hear from you.

Fundraising Events Coordinator

Are you a customer service oriented individual? Do you enjoy reaching out to people? Are you organized and detail oriented?  This is a unique position that needs your skills.  We have developed a database of resources related to hoarding disorder supports in the Edmonton region but very much want to increase this database to include all of Alberta.  The position would be to research and reach out to various communities to learn about resources they may have to address folks with hoarding behaviours, and to update our on-line resource list.  If you are looking for a volunteer position that we think would only take a few hours per month, please have a look at the more detailed job description. Your time could make such a big difference to folks affected by hoarding behaviours who don’t know where to go for support.

Resource Database Coordinator

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