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Sorting Through Hoarding Support & Education Groups

Pre-registered Group A commences Tuesday, September 21st from 3:30 to 5:30 pm continuing bi-weekly until November 30th and will recommence on January11, 2022 running bi-weekly until February 8, 2022 (three meetings in 2022)


Pre-registered Group B commencing Tuesday, September 28th from 3:30 to 5:30 pm (continuing bi-weekly until December 7th and will recommence on January18, 2022 running bi-weekly until February 15, 2022 (three meeting in 2022)

  • The pre-registered groups have limited registrations and are closed to new registrations once the slate is full.  

  • We ask that the participants make a commitment to attend and engage in the program. 

  • There is a structured curriculum based on Buried In Treasures: Help for Compulsive Acquiring, Saving and Hoarding 2nd Edition, Tolin, D. F., Frost, R.O., Steketee, G. (2014).  New York: Oxford.

  • Each group will run bi-weekly. 

  • There is NO COST to participants. 

  • You will need to have access to a computer with capabilities for the ZOOM platform.  If you have technology challenges let us know and we might be able to help.

To Pre-Register:  We would like to have a short phone conversation with you before we can confirm your registration so please contact us with your phone number so we can call you.

Sorting Through Hoarding Drop-in Support Group

  • Meets every Wednesday from 3:30 - 5:30 pm commencing September 22, 2021 to December 8, 2021and will recommence January 12, 2022 running weekly until February 15, 2022 (6 meetings in 2022)

  • Support group format (less structure, no commitment to attend

  • You still must register with your name, email, phone number in order to receive the ZOOM invitation via email

  • We also ask for an emergency contact name and phone number 

To register for the Drop-in Group:  Please contact us to express interest.  We would like to have a short phone conversation, then we will provide the registration link.  You must complete the On-line registration to receive the ZOOM link. 

Stacy:  780 717 1745

Terri: 780 504 3243


We want to hear from you as soon as possible,

  •  if you are interested in registering for one of the pre-registered groups;

  •  If you are interested in attending the Drop in Group - even if only ONCE;

  •  If you want to attend but have challenges with accessing the required technology.

We will try to respond promptly!

Meet Our Facilitators

Stacy Walker is a Certified Professional Organizer who has been organizing professionally since 2004. She specializes in the hoarding field and works primarily with people who struggle with extreme clutter and hoarding behaviours. She is dedicated to positively influencing community responses to hoarding cases by providing comprehensive educational programming and on-site support services. Stacy is a contributing member to both the Professional Organizers in Canada and theEdmonton Hoarding Coalition.

Meet Our Facilitators

Terri Bailey, M.A. Counselling has a private therapy practice with a specialty in the hoarding field. She educates professionals, co-facilitates hoarding groups, provides one on one counselling, and also works with family members who are concerned about a loved one who is hoarding. She is a member of the EdmontonHoarding Coalition and is dedicated to facilitating a collaborative and compassionate community response.